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Natascha Encinosa, a 22-year-old model and bodybuilder from Florida
 catégorie: Jeux en ligne  Publié le 01/02/2019 à 13:32
 par:   family

Natascha has been working out five days a week over the past 6 years! The model became an Internet sensation when someone pointed out her likeness with Chun-Li, a character from the computer game Street Fighter. Natascha says one half of her followers are fitness freaks, and the other half are fans of the game.
The girl revealed what pushed her to start working out. When Natascha was 14, the guy she was dating broke up with her because of her weight:
I had always been overweight as a girl and I got dumped for being fat. That was what inspired me to get into the gym.Link

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